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Worship Times

Weekly worship videos are also posted to the church’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel. See our COVID-19 Info Page for current health and safety policy information.

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule:
9:30am Sunday School
10:40am Worship
11:30am Fellowship

Summer Schedule
(Memorial Day weekend through
Labor Day weekend)
10:00am Worship
10:50am Fellowship

No Doubt about It

April 24, 2022
Sadness, loneliness, depression. The pandemic has stressed us out for two years. We’ve been like the disciples after Jesus’ death: Huddled behind locked doors; devastated by loss; fearful of death. Easter first arrived when

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Are You Coming?

April 17, 2022
We hear about the war on Christmas, but what about the war on Easter? If our culture focuses more on Santa than Baby Jesus, then we really do that welcoming the Easter Bunny way

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Dust and Ash, Providence and Grace

March 2, 2022
In chemistry, if you want to change something, you add a reagent. A reagent is a transformational element that causes a reaction so that everything is completely changed. Scientifically described, that’s the spiritual transformation

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