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Worship Times

Weekly worship videos are also posted to the church’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel. See our COVID-19 Info Page for current health and safety policy information.

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule:
9:30am Sunday School
10:40am Worship
11:30am Fellowship

Summer Schedule
(Memorial Day weekend through
Labor Day weekend)
10:00am Worship
10:50am Fellowship

Now What?

December 26, 2021
Now what? Don’t you think that’s the question that the shepherds and wise men asked themselves the day after Christmas? The day before, the shepherds heard the angels. The day before, the wise men

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Join the Resistance

December 12, 2021
One of America’s greatest glories was in World War II when we fought against authoritarianism and evil. The newsreel footage of G.I.s liberating French villages: Townspeople lining the streets, tossing garlands of flowers atop

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Living Hope

December 5, 2021
We’re in the season of Advent. We’re preparing ourselves for the advent, the arrival of the Messiah. While the culture busies itself to salute Santa, the church readies itself to receive its Savior. Santa

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Spoiler Alert

November 21, 2021
Law, force, authority, and power. We like to think we’re free. But all of us are subject to things that have their way with us. Aging. You can’t stop it. You can take care

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Won and Done

November 14, 2021
Most of us see our doctor as the greatest authority in our life. If you’ve had cancer, you know that you look to your cancer doctor as the one who is going to save

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