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Worship Times

To ensure the health and safety of all during the COVID-19 pandemic, worship is currently being held in our parking lot at 10:40 a.m. every Sunday and live on Weekly worship videos are also posted to the church’s YouTube channel. See our COVID-19 Info Page for details.

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule:
9:30am Sunday School
10:40am Worship
11:30am Fellowship

Summer Schedule
(Memorial Day weekend through
Labor Day weekend)
10:00am Worship
10:50am Fellowship

How to Pray Covid-19 Away

August 9, 2020
Recently, I received an email containing this coronavirus prayer: “Coronavirus, I rebuke you in Jesus’ name. I cast you out. Be gone. Lord, protect us from Covid-19. Loose your healing upon us. Deliver us.

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Love Gone Right

August 2, 2020
Love gone wrong: Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer. Our world is messed up when it comes to love. Love is equated with sex. Sex is equated with power. And power knows nothing of

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Spiritual Hygiene

July 26, 2020
Dentists say, “Only brush the teeth you want to keep.” So true! We know about dental hygiene, but what about spiritual hygiene? Hygiene maintains health and prevents disease. Spiritual hygiene is a set of

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An Idle Issue or an idol Issue?

July 5, 2020
Aunt Jemima. The Stars and Bars. Statues of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and Jefferson Davis. More and more of these are now gone with the wind. Since the gruesome murder of George Floyd,

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Forgiven, Freed, and Found

June 28, 2020
Do you believe in God? Most Americans do. If so, what kind of God do you believe in? A recent study found that Americans believe in not one, but four, distinctly different gods: An

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Inescapable Grace

June 21, 2020
Last Friday, I began aching. I couldn’t get warm. I woke up 14 hours later: Exhausted. After being up a couple of hours, I had to lie down. I slept for 6 more hours.

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Hotel Corona

June 14, 2020
Israel quarantines people who have the coronavirus in hotels. One hotel was nicknamed: Hotel Corona. Israel is one of the world’s most divided nations. But at Hotel Corona everyone lives together: Jew, Palestinian, Arab,

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Trinity Sunday

June 7, 2020
We offer these prayers in this difficult time: For our troubled nation. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer. Help us to repent of those things which prevent peace. Help us to renounce those

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The Force Is with You Always

May 31, 2020
It doesn’t feel like Pentecost. Pentecost in most churches means celebrating. But not today. It doesn’t feel like Pentecost. It doesn’t feel like Pentecost, but it is Pentecost: Not because the calendar says so,

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