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Worship Times

Weekly worship videos are also posted to the church’s Facebook Page and YouTube channel. See our COVID-19 Info Page for current health and safety policy information.

Fall/Winter/Spring Schedule:
9:30am Sunday School
10:40am Worship
11:30am Fellowship

Summer Schedule
(Memorial Day weekend through
Labor Day weekend)
10:00am Worship
10:50am Fellowship

Faith to Defeat the Foe

February 26, 2023
In basketball visiting teams are naturally harassed by homecourt crowds. But no player ever received as much undeserved torment as Miller Kopp. Kopp played at Northwestern before transferring to Indiana University. When IU played

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Off the Hill / On the Road

February 19, 2023
Mount Everest, Mount Fuji, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Tabor: Famous mountains all, but you may not be familiar with Mount Tabor. It’s the site where Jesus was transfigured. Mark says Jesus took Peter, James, and

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The Way of Water

January 8, 2023
Question: What is eternally true about you? Answer: God loves you. Always has. Always will. You can’t earn that love; lose that love; add to it by doing extra credit good things; take away

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Called and Resolved

January 1, 2023
Happy New Year! New Year. New resolutions. New you. Most of us make New Year’s resolutions. And most of us don’t make those New Year’s resolutions come true. But here’s something that’s already true.

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