COVID-19 Response

Since Covid Act Now and the CDC both currently show Montgomery County in the yellow (“medium,” or “moderate”) range, the Covid Taskforce proposes the following for Session consideration. In keeping with the CDC’s recommendation for our county’s status, we recommend that WAPC go to a mask optional status as of Sunday March 20. In addition, we recommend:

  1. If, as, and when the choir returns, the choir should be masked because of the inability to socially distance in the chancel’s choir space.
  2. We recommend that individuals continue to assess their risk and act accordingly. Individuals who are symptomatic should stay home to participate in worship through the live stream until well. Individuals who are high risk for Covid complications should mask if they choose to come to in-person worship.
  3. Social distancing in the sanctuary is recommended until the county is officially listed as “green” by CDC.
  4. Fellowship food will not yet be served after Sunday worship. However, small groups may share socially distanced meals in the church during the week.
  5. Communion will continue with the prepared elements.

The Covid Taskforce will continue to monitor local conditions and advise Session regarding next-steps.